Automation of activities
for waste management

Our solution allows to automate the process of monitoring the level of fullness of garbage cans

Solved tasks

Monitoring of filling levels of bins in real time using ultrasound:

  • Transferring data to the cloud platform
  • Applications for viewing and analyzing real-time data
  • Tools for efficient forecasting of collection routes
  • Effective asset and resource management.
  • Increase profitability due to accurate forecasting and formation of routes.
  • Fast return on investment in automation.
  • Analytics for making decisions on increasing / decreasing the number of containers.
  • Possibility to offer municipal services waste management services
Application area

Garbage processing companies, management companies, city governments, restaurants and retail chains, hotels and etc.

How it works

The sensor analyzing the filling level is integrated in the containers.

The sensor periodically sends data to the LoRaWAN network about the level of filling the container, temperature, position.

The application analyzes the received data, visualizes and calculates routes for the operator's trucks.

The driver receives information in the Android/iOS application about the route. The operator can see the overall situation for all containers and trucks.

Our offer

We offer a complete solution consisting of three main units.

High range and energy efficiency

LoRaWAN support

  • Coverage area of one BS up to 10 km
  • Effective power consumption
  • The ability to use additional devices to automate the operations

Easy installation and compact size


  • Small dimensions
  • Easy installation
  • Built-in accelerometer and GPS
  • 2 ultrasonic sensors
  • Working time up to 3 years
  • Range up to 10 km

Application on cloud platform


  • Safe and convenient data storage
  • Mobile and desktop interfaces
  • Push notifications (SMS, email, messengers)
  • Algorithms of machine learning

User interfaces

The solution includes mobile and desktop interfaces for three main user groups: operators, drivers and residents