Cloud Platform

IoTsphere is a unique platform solution that provides a high level of security and scalability. The platform is developed in the programming language GO and is ready for rapid deployment and scalability with the help of Docker. The platform serves as a software infrastructure and a set of microservices for the development and implementation of intelligent products in the IoT.

  • Development of custom IoT applications and IoT solutions for the industry
  • Fast prototyping and development of intelligent products
  • Seamless connectivity of any device or smart product
  • Integration of your solution or device data with another key business application or web services
  • Go programming language for highly concurrent server backend programming
  • PUB/SUB multiprotocol messaging bridge (HTTP, MQTT, WebSocket, CoAP) based on NATS ultra-performant broker
  • Internal database for device and application data persistence (MongoDB)
  • Reverse proxy (NGINX) for security and load-balancing
  • Anomaly Detection and Alerting system (WIP)
  • LWM2M server based on CoAP (WIP)
  • Hadoop and Apache Spark
  • IoTsphere is a highly secure system with an integrated authentication and authorization system that protects the system from both unauthorized access and unauthorized devices and applications
  • All messages and all network traffic coming from or to the platform are encrypted with modern security standards (TLS v1.3)
  • The security system combines several newest security standards and approaches, such as JWT-encrypted and signed tokens, OAuth2.0, public key infrastructure (PKI) and client-side certificates to achieve security at the industry level

Why IoTsphere


Our team can provide the best solutions, with the maximum quality and support required for each IoT project. Our experience includes all the functional aspects of network technologies required to connect different devices from a large number of manufacturers.

Big Data and Machine Learning

We have a lot of experience with highly loaded projects related to big data and machine learning, so our platform has the appropriate architecture and contains all the necessary tools.

Protocol Flexibility

The platform supports many Internet of Things protocols, including MQTT, Websockets, CoAP and restAPI, and others.

Hardware Compatibility

The platform is compatible with any network equipment and intelligent devices.

LPWAN connection ready

Compatibility with LoRaWAN and Sigfox is already implemented.

Fast development of various solutions

Our team, including analysts BI, architects and developers, very quickly implements MVP on the basis of our platform, which allows customers to quickly get product concepts.